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Insight #4: Burden of Blame is the fourth of a series of exhibitions around various themes in a new exhibition space on the ground floor of the Art Center. In this collection presentation a selection of works of the collection Hugo Voeten is brought together, around the themes 'guilt' and 'blame'.

Sense of guilt is a state of mind that is common in Western culture, sometimes validly, sometimes not. The human being is plagued by a gnawing feeling when he realizes that he acted wrongly. To be blamed for crime, repression, abuse and discrimination can immobilize, humiliate and have as a result an act of despair. Some carry a burden because of their sexual inclination which is not accepted in their society or culture. Shame is generated or the self-confidence assaulted. War and suffering can mark the human being with a sort of resignation but can also rouse vengefulness.
An apology, in words or actions, can compensate a guilty conscience. An art work awakens the critical thinking of the viewer, what leads to confrontation. Creative expression can be a powerful way to lose or place the feelings of guilt that burden the human being.

Insight #4: Burden of Blame is on view until and including the 2nd of July, together with the group exhibition Furniture. Sculpture. and the solo exhibition of the Romanian artist Teodora Axente.