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Jef Faes


The Art Center Hugo Voeten proudly presents the solo exhibition ITSINITISNTITSINIT by Belgian artist Jef Faes (°1972). The exhibition opens on Sunday the 21st of January 2018 on 3.00 p.m.: welcome!

Concepts like micro- and macroscale or fullness and void are key in the work by Belgian artist Jef Faes (°1972). His exhibition on the 1st floor of the Art Center does not only present his most recent series of paintings and sculptures but also an overview of his three dimensional work of the past ten years. The title of the show reflects Faes's playful attitude towards his own artistic practice. It also makes a reference to his fascination for elementary forms like the circle, the hexagon and the square. Experiment is crucial in his work. At the same time Faes allows cross-pollination with other disciplines like mathematics and optics.