Belgian Art 1880-1950

The Voeten Collection holds the work of some of the most renowned names in Belgian art from the first half of the 20th century.

Belgian art 1880-1950

The collection contains paintings and valuable paintings and pastels by Jules Schmalzigaug (1883–1917), as well as art work by the Belgian symbolist Leon Spilliaert (1881–1946). Visitors can also discover one of the richest private gatherings of works by Frans Masereel (1889 – 1972), including entire graphic periods of his art, original paintings in gouache and rare publications and book editions that are signed under the artist’s name. It is important to note that other famous masters of graphics, such as Joseph Cantré (1890–1957) and Félicien Rops (1833–1898), are also here.

A valuable place in the collection is reserved for some of the masterpieces of Belgian sculpture from this historic period. Present here are plastics by the artists Rik Wouters (1882–1916), who is probably better known for his paintings.