Bulgarian art

The Voeten Collection also has a significant non-traditional aspect: Bulgarian art. Such a large scale grouping of valuable Bulgarian art pieces is not to be seen anywhere else in the world as a private collection. Hugo Voeten established a connection with the Bulgarian art scene at the end of the 1990s, when he first visited the country. This event coincided with the creation of the sculpture park in Gheel, where a series of monumental pieces were placed. Some of them were commissioned especially for the collection or created in view of specific spaces in the park.

Bulgarian Art

Chronologically the collection holds the best of the Bulgarian art scene from the beginning of the 1960s to present times, adding up to more than 700 art pieces by about 130 artists. Among the leading names is that of painter Svetlin Roussev (b. 1933), who is part of the collection with works that trace his own artistic biography and span from the early years of his paintings to pieces that were created in the past several years.

Two of the most renowned Bulgarian names in the world are represented here with a similar retrospective group of items. Those are Bulgarian-born Christo (b. 1935) and Nedko Solakov (b. 1957), who take part in the collection with art works from the past years, but also with projects that they created at the beginning of their artistic careers. Among the sculptors that make a special impression are also Pavel Koichev (b. 1939) and his 26 large-scale pieces in the sculpture park, as well as Krum Damianov (b. 1937) and Emil Popov (b. 1951) – each one of them holding their own specific place in the Hugo Voeten Collection.