On November 28th the exhibition 'My Name is Artist' opens its doors at the Hugo Voeten Art Center. The paintings will be on show on the ground floor. Last day of the exhibition: January 30th. Open to the public in December from Monday until Saturday from 1.30 till 5 pm, in January from Monday till Friday from 1.30 till 5 pm. Closed on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st and 2nd. Admission: 5 EUR or 3 EUR (-21, 65+ students/teachers).

My Name is Artist

Curator Vessela Nozharova

We get into the elevator of an old apartment building in Sofia. It takes us almost to the roof, where the artist Nora Ampova is already waiting for us. She opens the door to an attic full of ateliers. There's not much space for viewing pictures but the weather is nice so the small terrace is quickly transformed into a makeshift gallery.That's how the collector Hugo Voeten and the curator Vessela Nozharova began their 2014 tour in search of 'the new generation' in art. It started quite spontaneously from Sofia, Bulgaria, the place where years ago Voeten made some of his most daring choices as a collector.

'My Name is Artist' was sparked by this exploratory spirit. Once again, 17 young artists from Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania and Italy prove that art knows no boundaries and prejudices. Their work is a clear demonstration of creative individualities and personal artistic styles and flairs.

The exploratory series by Antwerp-based artist Inge Cornil offers new perspectives on subjects like human intervention in nature.The painful beauty of animal portraits by Bulgarian artist Ivo Bistrichki, the evocative atmosphere of urban landscapes by Kalia Kalacheva, the interpretations of love and sexuality by Konstantin Kostov and Yasen Zgurovski, the enigmatic female portraits by Romanian artist Teodora Axente and many more. Each of the works presented in the exhibition is permeated by autobiographical elements speaking of deep and intimate art.

A special part of the exhibition is devoted to works on paper, where one must note the striking presence of Brussels-based artist Aleksandra Chaushova. Her peculiar works forge links to various documents, texts and photographs, questioning the boundary between fiction and reality. The classical ink drawing strongly reminiscent of old masters is the format chosen by Vienna-based Irina Georgieva to express her ideas about contemporary life.

„My Name is Artist" was born by collector Hugo Voeten's desire to attract the interest of art lovers to a new generation of artists. His choices are a natural development of his efforts – and an invitation for others to follow his example just as the collector follows his artists.

Artists: Kalia Kalacheva, Ivo Bistrichki, Irina Georgieva, Kamen Startchev, Maria Chakarova, Inge Cornil, Konstantin Kostov, Johannes Bosisio, Cornelia Lochmann, Pavlin Radevski, Stanimir Genov, Nora Ampova, Yasen Zgurovski, Velisslava Gecheva, Teodora Axente, Oana Farcas, Aleksandra Chaushova