The exhibition Tramaine de Senna opens on August 27 and runs till October 31. Opening hours: from Monday until Saturday from 1.30 till 5 pm (last access 4.30pm). Admission: 5 euro / 3 euro (+65, -21, students/teachers).


TRAMAINE DE SENNA is the first large solo-exhibition in Belgium of this Californian artist (Tramaine de Senna, °1981, San Francisco, California). It will cover two entire floors out of the nine levels that the Art Center Hugo Voeten contains. Next to new works, in the form of big panels and a smoke producing sculpture, older creations will be exhibited, including light sculptures (her so called VOM series), textile works and video projections that were never shown before.

Tramaine de Senna is interested in the construction of appearances and different manners of staging in relation to our material and political society. In the search of being human, we appear through certain attitudes and tend to hide ourselves behind facades. Through her art de Senna thematizes this human exploration for appearances. She presents her works as artifacts, deliberately using forms which we can vaguely recognize- forms which invoke memories, instincts, and reflections in each one of us. And, through this process of recognition, something deep inside us is reaffirmed: we feel human again.

To be able to completely capture the work of Tramaine de Senna, it can be interesting to draw a line to the Simulacrumtheory of Baudrillard, in which the idea of the representation is augmented in the way that images are no longer based on a true reality; but, on a certain idea, lifestyle or attitude. Through the use of an almost postmodern inspired imagery, or by using characteristics of, for example the Art Deco movement, De Senna represents futuristic times within her works. She does so, however, by using metaphors of the past.

The creations of Tramaine de Senna are characterized by a tension between attraction and repulsion, caused by the present fetish-like content in her works. The idea of a fetish conveys more than the pure association with sexuality. Fetishes can occur in different manners, like in religion, but also in our capitalist society where the commercial object has gained a fetish value. Tramaine de Senna's works involve stylized, delineated forms; screaming figures, or even sugar cotton candy-like colors. And because the objects are so precisely manufactured, they attain some kind of spiritual aura.

Tramaine de Senna was trained as architect in California. In 2011, she moved to the Netherlands to attain a Master in the Autonomous Arts at Saint Joost in Breda/'s-Hertogenbosch. De Senna is currently living in Ghent, where she is taking the last steps to finish her training at the H.I.S.K. (Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent).