March/April 2016.

from Monday to Saturday from 01:30 pm to 05:00 pm (doors close at 04:30).

Free entrance (also for the group exhibition Form Follows Function?).

Insight #3

Water Works

Water is a meaningful natural element, charged with symbolical value, that decidedly plays a part in cultural, social and political questions. It occurs in all aspects of life and has a paradoxical character. Water as a flux is a symbol of something flowing, turbulent and variable. Still water embodies calm, contemplation, stability. Next to the vital function, is water used in rituals and in function of belief, as something meditative, spiritual, with a purifying meaning.

The beauty of water, in her different manifestations such as fog, dew, clouds, ice, as waterfall or rainbow, is praised. Water as an overwhelming power of nature makes the human being feel invalid and experience nature as sublime. Opposite is the association with destruction. Water is threatening, in the form of flooding and water shortage, and is threatened, by human interventions in nature, excessive water use and pollution. As a wide ranging primal element, water evokes different intense emotions and inspires in diverse ways. Water Works illustrates the versatility of water.