Opening of the exhibition on Saturday the 30th of September at 3.00 p.m.: welcome!

Exhibition on view until 02.03.2018.


Exhibition open on Thursday and Friday from 1.30 pm until 5 pm.

Stanislav Pamukchiev


The Art Center Hugo Voeten proudly presents Returning, the very first solo exhibition in Belgium by Stanislav Pamukchiev (°1953), one of the most renowned Bulgarian artist of his generation.

The exhibition includes Stanislav Pamukchiev's most recent painting cycle and the preparatory drawings for the individual works of this series. Pamukchiev's works are an artistic attempt to set in motion the intuition for the sacral as an obsessive anonymous force, for the individual and collective rituals that are preserving the sacred meaning of life. With its humane pathos the exhibition strives to return the human back to the human, and to his deep substance, to the inner 'gravitational' center of psychic and spiritual wholeness.

Stanislav Pamukchiev's work and practice are opposed to the total secularization, the rude pragmatism and commercialization, to the recidivism of mass culture and the loss of value-based perspective in a world devoid of either way or direction.

The exhibition is being co-curated by art historian and independent curator Vessela Nozharova. The exhibition has been made possible through the generous support of the State Institute for Culture to the MFA of the Republic of Bulgaria.