The Voeten Collection represents a unique combination of both Belgian and international works. Currently it comprises over 1700 art pieces that have been collected during a period of more than 40 years. They are exhibited in two separate locations – at the Art Center close to Herentals and at the sculpture park near Gheel.

Sigalit Landau, Sivec Big Swan Madonna and Child

2012, Sivec white marble, 57 x 94 x 56 cm

Sigalit Landau (°1969, Jerusalem) is one of Israel's foremost contemporary artist, who got to represent Israel at the Venice art Biennale in 1997 and 2011. Although a lot of her artworks are quite provocative, Landau sees her work mainly as "a quest for truth, justice and order in a chaotic world." Trough her art she reflects on social situations or Israel's multilayered history. Her works function as bridge makers. They are attempts to cross borders between past and future; West and East; the private and the collective; the sub-existential and the Uber-profound.

In 2011-2012 Sigalit Landau made an edition of marble sculptures called 'Madonna and Child'. The work 'Sivec Big Swan Madonna and Child', which Hugo Voeten bought in 2013 is part of this very abstract looking series. But, when we take a closer look we see that, instead of abstract structures, we are looking at breastfeeding cushions. The sculptures refer to her new experience of motherhood. By adding a specific title Landau wants to show the contrast between her private experience of this motherhood and the way it is universally depicted in the Western art history icon 'Madonna and Child' as worshipped and sanctified. When you come and have a look at this work in the Art Center Hugo Voeten note the exquisite craftsmanship applied by Landau in the way she managed to figurate the creases and zipper. The object looks so soft, that one can almost not imagine that it is made out of unpolished marble.

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Text: Lisa van Gerven