The Building

In the 1950s, at the left bank of the Campine Canal, the ‘Grain Factory Deckx’ was founded. The factory mainly processed grain into animal food and after a while the site got to be known as the ‘Herentals Flour Mills’. In the 1970s the activity ceased, after which the building remained vacant for over thirty years.

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Hugo Voeten acquired the building in 2006; architects Wouter Bastijns ( and Barent Bulcke ( took care of the design and started reconversions in 2009 with respect for the original elements. The Art Center consists of 9 levels; a large void from ground to rooftops and two transversal volumes provide a remarkable spatious experience. Spread across 5000 square metres exhibition surface, over 450 artworks can be admired, in a close dialogue with the entire location.

If you are interested in the architecture, we recommend a visit to the architects' websites: